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My favorite season of the year has finally arrived! It's time for all things cozy! Continue reading below for this quick "knit-look" pumpkin pattern.

What I love most about this project is the simple construction. First you crochet a rectangle and then with a little bit of strategic sewing, you can transform it into a pumpkin. In this tutorial, I will crochet my rectangle using the Tunisian knit stitch, which will give it a "knit-look". These pumpkins would be great options for fall home decor. Also, they would be a perfect item to offer at fall markets as they work up quickly and are sure to be a hit!

Okay, let's get started!



  • Pattern is written using standard US terms.

  • finished size: 6 inch diameter x 3 inch height

  • gauge: 4" x 4" = 10 stitches x 9 rows

  • You can adjust the size of the pumpkin by changing that number of chains in the starting chain and/or adjusting that number of rows you make before seaming it together.

  • This pattern uses the Tunisian Crochet technique. If you are unfamiliar with this style of crochet, check out this tutorial (click here).


ch = chain

st(s) = stitch(es)

yo = yarn over

tks = tunisian knit stitch

Stitch Explanations

Tunisian knit stitch (tks): Insert hook between the vertical bars of the stitch and pull up a loop.

return pass: chain one, yarn over pull through one. Then " yarn over, pull through two.* Repeat "* to the end of the row. There will be one loop remaining on the hook. This loop is the first stitch of the next row.

Written Pattern

Leaving an 18" tail, make a slip knot and chain 36.

Row 1: Working in the bumps on the back of the chain, draw up a loop in the 2nd chain from the hook and each in chain to the end of the row. Return pass. (36 sts).

Row 2 - 13: Tks across the row to the final stitch. In the final stitch, insert hook under both vertical bars and draw up a loop. Return pass. (36 sts)

Once you complete row 13 (or once the rectangle is your desired size), finish off leaving a 24" tail.

(Its okay if your rectangle curls at the edges. That is normal. I lightly steamed my rectangle so it would lay flat for photos. Steaming is not necessary to complete this project.)

Seam the short sides of the rectangle together using your preferred method.

Secure with a knot. Finish off and trim excess yarn. Turn tube right side out.

Thread the remaining tail through the stitches around one of the openings.

Pull tail tight to close the opening. Secure with a knot. (Suggestion: Weave the yarn around the opening a second time to make it extra secure.)

Pull the yarn through the center of the bottom of the pumpkin to the other side. Set aside.

Taking the fiber fill, stuff the pumpkin to your preference.

Thread the remaining tail through the stitches around the opening.

Pull the tail tight to completely close this end of the pumpkin. Tie a knot to secure but do not cut the yarn yet as we will use the remaining yarn to shape the pumpkin.

Wrap the yarn around the pumpkin to divide it into 6 sections. Tie a knot to secure but do not cut the yar

Finishing Details

There are multiple options you can use to finish off the pumpkin such using a cinnamon stick, twig or piece of leather to create the "stem". I used a ribbon and wood leaf as I had the supplies on hand.


That concludes the tutorial! Share your finished projects with the hashtag #yarnth3orytaughtme. If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.

Happy Crafting!

- Krysten


The patterns and photographs of items on this site are the property of yarnTh3ory and are for personal, non-commercial use only. These patterns are protected by US copyright, and you may not distribute or sell them electronically or physically.

Sales of finished pieces made from these patterns are permitted, but seller must use their own photographs and credit must be given to yarnTh3ory as the designer.



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